Архайæджы ныхас:Amikeco: различия между версиями

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: Here is the new page about bots (I've just taken it from the [[:simple:]]-wikipedia): [[Wikipedia:Bots]]. I'll be happy to organize the "approval" for your bot. - [[Архайæг:Amikeco|Amikeco]] 12:29, 14 декабры 2005 (UTC)
::I got the bot flag, I launched the bot to process all the pages (it will be slow on years pages because these pages are present on many Wikipedias). ▪ [[User:Eskimo|<font color="#1E90FF">Eskimo</font>]] [[User talk:Eskimo|<font color="#FFD700">☼</font>]] 17:52, 20 декабры 2005 (UTC)
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